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Furries in perth
We are a community of furries in and around Perth, Western Australia. Hello!

If you are a furry in Perth, or if you are interested in anthropomorphic animals (watching them in cartoons or movies, reading about them, drawing or animating them, playing as one in games or in Second Life, dressing up as one, optionally having warm and fuzzy feelings about them) then we have something in common!
Although LJ isn't use much any more, this will remain a hub to redirect Perth Furs to Perthfurs.net the official perth furry website

This list is for furries only. Pearl divers need not apply. Please be polite and keep drama levels to a bare minimum.

WARNING: We're currently trying to rid ourselves of a problem element called Nathan. Although we like meeting new people and getting to know them, Nathan likes doing this for reasons that are explained and detailed on this community grievances page. Please don't encourage him.