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Dec 1st BBQ

This is cross advertising for those not on perthfurs.net or facebook

Heyhey fuzzies, Just before midfur comes knocking and we lose half of you, I was thinking we could have a BBQ before the busy midfur/christmas/christmas shopping month. Decided 1st december. Early this time around, say 10am? Will be hanging around for a while for certain, summer weather should be fine and I'll make sure to check in advance if it needs to be rescheduled.

To be held at the stirling civic gardens

All your snags and drinks and sauce and bread et al will be free, we'll have a decent selection
of food, and vegetarians will be catered for.

Ronyo is going to be there, and for those interested we'll talk about what's left of PFG and where to move from there. Hoping for a good deal of community input and suggestion. May be a good moment for those who are interested in organising other events to attend as well.

I'll be getting there at 8am to grab the two good tables under cover by chucking an esky and tablecloths over, but if a few want to arrive then to keep me company that'd be great. (I'll have a book otherwise :V)

To get to where it's planned, get off at stirling station, or park in the parks parking, just a turn off before (or after, depending on direction you drive from) the train station on cedric st. We will be across the park from the carpark, near the playground, the tables undercover on the side of the playground.

I'm hoping to get a decent turnout. Details finalised so everyone has a certain date and time to prepare.

Will try and have footy/soccer ball, might I suggest bringing camping chairs so a seat is certain.

Furry mini golf meet

This is cross advertising from perthfurs.net

Hey everyfur, vulpyra suggested minigolf as the next furry meetup idea and I'm quite keen, so figured I'd chuck this here and see how many people we can get together.

I'm thinking either a morning or afternoon event, either 11am golf, then lunch at the cafe, maybe a wonder through the gardens, or 3/4pm, golf, light meal at cafe, and maybe gardens if not too dark, let me know which you guys would prefer.

Fursuit friendly event (If all goes well I'll even have mine in time for the minigolf) Although it is outdoors so with any luck the day shall be decently cool.

Adult tickets are $16, but concession card holders, and *maybe* students are $14
Not sure what the price for non playing people would be, since there's a charge for non players in group bookings of 4 dollars but none listed for standard rates.

address is 25 drovers place Wanneroo WA 6065, It's a fair bit north (like, way north) but isn't to incovenient by public transport, get to joondalup station then bus it, ask google maps or your GPS for the best route, or for drivers just take wanneroo road or mitchell freeway north and into joondalup, then find your way from there =p

I might be able to pick up one or two strays if you're near stirling or north of.

If you need to ask anything more about or want to discuss post here or catch me on twitter/irc, hopefully that has covered everything.

Open meet!

From 6pm onward tomorrow, Tuesday July 19th there is an open-to-all meet at the Oxford Hotel. Come meet Bastett before he goes back to London (he flies out on Wednesday, so this is your last chance to do so!) and Cyrin (who is also going overseas soon) and spend time with other furries. This is a great chance for newer furries to get vouched on perthfurs.net.
Bring a bit of money so you can grab dinner and drinks. Please keep in mind that the location of the meet is a bar, so this meet is restricted to 18+. Thanks :}

Camping Trip

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick post to gather some expressions of interest for a camping trip. The idea is that it will be a big event, open to anyone who wishes to attend, which will be held in the second half of the year, probably around August.

To save it from being a logistical nightmare, we'll probably hire a bus to get everyone down together. As such, if anybody has an LR or MR class license, let me know.

There are a lot of things to take in to consideration for an event like this, and we'll probably end up bringing together a committee to organise it properly, including catering, activities, accounting, and the like. At the moment though, I just want to see who's keen, and what they want out of it.

The first big hurdle is finding a venue. Two of the best options I've found so far are:

Big Valley: A campground established near Margaret River, in the middle of a working sheep farm. Facilities include undercover communal areas, a camp kitchen, toilets and showers, and powered and unpowered campsites for pitching tents. It's close to wineries and restaurants, as well as areas for bushwalking, canoeing, abseiling, and spelunking.

Donnelly River: A group of cottages in an old Karri forest. The cottages each have three bedrooms, a lounge, bathroom, and a kitchen including a fridge, stove and microwave. There's plenty of space for bushwalking, and lots of native fauna nearby, plus a function hall.

Donnelly River will probably be a bit more expensive, but the payoff comes in the form of more modern, comfortable facilities (huts vs. tents). It is a bit more isolated, meaning less places to go outside of the campground, but possibly more tranquil surroundings. It also has a giant central hall, which can be hired at an additional cost, which would make for some awesome parties.

So, I'd like to hear some opinions on which location people would prefer, as well as a ballpark figure of how much they'd be willing to spend. I'd hope to be able to keep it under $50 per person for Big Valley, food inclusive, but Donnelly River will likely be over $100 Alternatively, if anyone knows any other suitable location, feel free to suggest it.

Opinions go!

-= Open City Meet =-

Hello one hello all.
This Friday is another Level 3 Meet down in the city.
this is a time for new furs to get vouched.
Starts at 5pm onwards.
Meeting location is the information booth on Forrest Chase.
Lost? phone a friend. Even better yet, start whistling for a dog. I'm bound to start laughing and notice you.

Any further questions ask Muchi or I in the IRC channel.

*stands on the soap box taking a big breath before speaking with a smile and a bow*

hello Perth furs

I’m Allan (human name)….. Wolfie (nickname)…….  Dochadas (fur name)
I answer to all 3 so you can choose which to use

I’m a 27 year old Perth dingo (with a touch of Irish wolf)…. Just looking for a helping hand in
just hoping to meet some welcoming furs….. who are willing to show a new caniad around
and maybe someone to  hide behind at a meet..^_^

I’m more then a little shy but friendly. An only a touch eccentric, being a trickster and a playful scoundrel

I’m not new to the furry community…… know a few furs the world over
and have considered myself a fur.. even before I knew the term (for some reason I like the idea of being a dingo at age 5… and the feeling has never lessened)

just not having much luck with the Perth based section.. something I hope to change here

I know I just missed the last meet but let’s hope I get the chance to get to know you all before the next

I’m willing to answer any questions freely….. so you all feel like you know me a little better

-          DW out

P.s.. yes my journal is a little fragmented…. My life can be busy at times.. and my LJ account suffers from it

Pre-PFG Dinner

Just a reminder, the PFG dinner will be tonight at 7pm at Utopia restaurant in Northbridge.
It's a vegetarian restaurant but has a lot of very tasty things - their BBQ platter is pretty good and the drinks are awesome. I recommend the honey peach snow xD

Great time to get to know a few new faces before the gathering tomorrow :}

What's Up....?

<3 Calling all Furs <3

Tweep, Tweep Tweeep!

"cough... cough... sorry that was a fish bone.... :P

Where was i? ah...
How is everyone and i would like to chat to some furs



Tweep, Cough.. Tweep........Mur....



The PFG4 Countdown has begun!



<3 Warm Welcome back Lockie <3

<3 Hello My Darlings,

Name is Mizz Lady Traggic (AKA) Lockie
I'm not new here dropped off the earth for a bit.
but back to cause trouble catch up with the furs who know me, all it is with me party party party, drinks and well you know goes from there lol.
Say hey to DC, Vulpi, Kero,  Foxen, Also my "girl" MelMel.

thats all i remember, talk more, and love meetign news furs come on lets havea  a renunion xo MLT

btw my fursona, was a wolf, but been thinking I'm a Peguin :P

xo <3 Lockie <3 xo

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